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mg注册赠送体验金:Liangping: Farmers busy in the fields


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CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- A farmer’s proverb says:“After the summer solstice, the hoe cannot rest.” This means that at the summer solstice, farmers must be busy in the fields, weeding, fertilizing, irrigating (watering) water, preventing diseases and insect pests, and trimming branches.

Recently, farmers in Liangping, Chongqing rushed to seize the agricultural season, the implementation of water and fertilizer management and pest control, to ensure a good harvest.(Translated by Luo Juan, Fathom Language Limited.Photographed by Xiong Wei)

Villagers were weeding the seedlings in the high-standard fields in Group 6 of Lianglu Village, Xingqiao Town.

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